Our Services

We have a wide range of products and services designed to satisfy both individuals (retail services) and corporate houses (corporate services).

Bank Transfers

Fast and safe fund transfer to beneficiary bank accounts within hours with the SWIFT advantage.
GCC Exchange International Bank Transfers
GCC Exchange Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency Exchange (Retail & Wholesale)

We buy and sell all major currencies at our counters. Be assured to get the most competitive foreign exchange service rates coupled with excellent customer service.

Instant Money Transfers

This facility enables you to transfer money to your loved ones, within minutes, through cash payout at various agent outlets and also through account payout in select countries. The popular services include:
  • GCC Remit is the fastest and safest way you can send money to anywhere! The instant money transfer service with a wide agent network gives you value-for-money and ensures maximum reliability. To find out Global Payout Network Click Here, Or log on to GCC Remit for more information.
GCC Exchange Commercial Remittances
GCC Exchange Instant Money Transfers

Commercial Remittances

GCC Exchange with its extensive network of banking partners across the globe provides hassle free and fastest credit services to its corporate customers. Now corporate customers can transfer money directly to their or other corporate bank accounts in any part of the world.